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July 11, 2010 by Vicki

I’d intended to write a thought-provoking post today about United States history. However, Sunday sneaked up on me and I don’t have anything ready. My bad.

So instead, I’ll leave you some links to sites I’ve found with interesting material.

Constituting America – This is a great site run by actress Janine Turner. Though I didn’t recognize her at first with the very blonde hair. 🙂

The Constitution Society – This is another great site from what I’ve seen.

Thomas Jefferson subject research guide – This is located at the University of Virginia Library’s website. They’d know about Jefferson if anyone would since he founded the schoool. 🙂

Archiving Early America – This is a site I’m really looking forward to digging into more. They even have Early American music!

I haven’t fully investigated any of these sites but what I have found is fascinating! So enjoy!


  1. Elle J Rossi says:

    Hey! First time visitor! I’ll add it to my blog list and stop by when I can. Can I deduce from this that you’re a history buff? American history?

  2. Making a note of these for more American history lessons. Yep, it’s something I’m pretty passionate about (to the point where my DD is already frothing at the mouth to vote, lol).


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